Caitlin Lienkaemper


Center for Systems Neuroscience postdocoral fellow at Boston University

Working in Department of Mathematics and Statistics with Gabriel Ocker

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Convex Neural Codes

Oriented Matroids and Combinatorial Neural Codes With Alex Kunin and Zvi Rosen. Combinatorial Theory, 2023.

Order Forcing in Neural Codes With Amzi Jeffs and Nora Youngs. ArXiv, 2020. In revision for Discrete & Computational Geometry.

Obstructions to convexity in neural codes With Anne Shiu and Zev Woodstock. Advances in Applied Mathematics, 2017.

Fitness Landscapes

The geometry of partial fitness orders and an efficient method for detecting genetic interactions With Lisa Lamberti, Dawn Drain, Niko Beerenwinkel, and Alex Gavryushkin. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 2018

PhD Thesis

Combinatorial geometry of neural codes, neural data analysis, and neural networks Penn State, 2022, advised by Carina Curto.

Recorded Talks

Identifying Low-Rank Structure Preserved by Nonlinear Transformations Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference, 2021

Oriented Matroids and Combinatorial Neural Codes New Mathematical Methods for Neuroscience, Fields Institute, 2020

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